The definition of farming and how it applies to Beer Money is a bit unique. Farming is kind of similar to that of the agriculture sector in that you are looking to grow your revenue and to cash out.

    When someone is farming this typically means they have a collection of phones and computers that do online rewards sites for them. Farming is not the same thing as automation. Most farmers don’t use any form of automated tools and instead focus on device quantity.

    Farming is typically done by a handful of people and even less of those are making a living off of it. This is because it requires a lot of management, technical skill and you need to be able to monitor income and project expected outcomes for the next month.

    Farming also typically requires a basic understanding of the digital advertising market. The primary reason for this is because certain services perform better during certain times of the quarters and times of the year. Everyone knows that the first two months of the year are the worst for advertising and you will expect a major hit in revenue.

    Before you commit to the idea of Farming it best to get an important understanding of how the market works, the best devices to give you a higher ROI and your cost of operation. If you want to learn more about the services and get more revenue on your main devices join our site as a member and read our guides and watch the video tutorials.


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