Device Limit

    Device Limit

    When it comes to Beer Money and particularly farming there is a phrase that you will often see in guides regarding the device limit of an app or website. The device limit for our purposes is the total number of devices that an app will allow per account.

    Meaning you can run several phones on the same app without violating the terms and conditions and sometimes there is no solid answer for this question but one is able to get a round figure by paying attention to the publishers rules and history based on other farmers. In addition, this does not apply to apps or websites that allow multiple accounts in the same household, and you could even go by IP Address. In which case, more devices would be allowed to be used but the device limit for the single account still holds. Therefore our device limits are all tied directly to the limit on a per account basis not necessarily an account or household limit.

    While it can be very technical knowing the device limits is important for anyone who is looking to begin farming Beer Money apps or websites. In addition, its the thin layer of what gets you banned VS what makes you some extra cash.


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