Beer Money

    Beer Money Hack

    Beer Money in the traditional sense was an amount of money that was typically put aside by the “head of the household” which was then used to either go out to a pub/bar or to purchase a case of beer for themselves.

    Beer Money has evolved in recent years and is now simply a small amount of money that is put aside typically for some reason. The best part about beer money is that while it is small it’s a treat that normally accompanies a pay check that you receive from your employer.

    The term also has many sister names such as coffee money if you are a coffee drinker, and so on and so forth. While the term has different social meanings at the core and for the purpose of our website Beer Money is any sort of small to medium income that is meant to supplement your income in a near passive way in order to make your life better.

    The money can be used in any way and it will not change the context of our content it is important to take note of what constitutes as it though.

    An additional job does not count as beer money as it takes up too much time and is an additional full-time income source. In addition, while the income from beer money can be in any amount the amount of time and effort that is put into it.

    Beer Money Funds focuses primarily on online supplementary income that is meant to be passive or nearly passive and we do this through automating many different online tasks. Primarily through indulging in online content and advertising such as videos, games, surveys and more.

    While our definition of Beer Money is a bit more complicated and open it stays true to the core that you will be making money to buy yourself a pack of beer for you and the boys (or girls)!


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