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  1. please tell me how can I set up rewardable tv and I was watching video 3-4 hour at last night but I can’t get any acorns that’s why? tell me please?

    • At the beginning of the month, it’s quite common for the number of advertisements to decrease, therefore your earnings will be lower it also depends on your location. For instance, Rewardable TV does very well in my location usually but ATM it’s not awarding much due to poor timing. You could also try swapping Perk mid day to improve earnings. http://perk.fm/5z0nk I recommend running perk TV in the spare time.

  2. Would it be advisable for bigger farms to run 1 account per device so as to not hit the limit so fast whilst having a lot of devices running rewardable tv?

  3. Yet their website says only 1 device per account. And if violated you are subject to device and or ip ban. updated as of march 1st 2018